Stage One Hire


Why have you decided to hire out your kit?

Over the last 25 years we have grown a large inventory of kit that can be broadly categorised as stage engineering equipment. This is kit that we have built and we own. Sometimes it is sent out for use on our own projects. Other times it sits unused in our hangars. We’re keen to leverage the quantity of stock we have at our disposal and have decided to offer it as hire equipment to other production companies.

Will I need an operator?

For some of the items listed on our site, we can provide the items with a simple control interface, so knowledge of our Qmotion operating system is not always required. This means that anyone with basic technical experience should be able to operate these items offered for hire. For more complex installations, requiring many cues and interaction between equipment then we can supply operators to run this equipment for you.

What else do I need?

In addition to the kit shown you may also need a Galileo control console, a Kepler drive or a Pascal power pack. We will work with you to ensure that you have everything you need to operate the kit efficiently when you hire from us.

What if I can’t see exactly what I need?

No problem. This site only shows a fraction of the kit we have available. We own lots of other equipment that might meet your needs. We can customise existing equipment too, so that if the size you need is not shown, then it’s possible we can create a solution that fits. Call us on 01423 358001 to find out more.

What about installation & configuration?

This equipment will require installation, configuration and commissioning. Our staff will do this at your venue and even provide basic training for your technical staff. It is important that this equipment is configured safely and that the appropriate limits are set. This hire equipment is not available on a ‘dry hire’ basis.

Will you deliver equipment to my venue?

We offer a delivery and collection service for this equipment. The cost of this is in addition to the quoted weekly hire price and will vary depending on location and access.

Are discounts available for long term hire?

We do offer discounts for long-term hire of equipment. Please contact us to discuss these economies of scale.

Do I have to insure the equipment?

During the period that the equipment is on hire, you will be responsible for insuring it against loss, damage and theft. A condition of hire is also that appropriate public and employers liability insurance is also in place covering the operation of the equipment.

What does the weekly hire charge exclude?

Weekly hire prices shown on this site exclude delivery and VAT.

How did you come up with the naming convention?

We’re keen to recognise those who broke the ground of understanding the physics of motion. Whilst most of this work was done centuries ago, we rely on their equations every day at Stage One. Therefore we have doffed our cap in the direction of those pioneers and have chosen the following names for our equipment.

This is based on the following individuals and their contribution to understanding the laws of motion.

Galileo (b.1564). Father of studies of speed, velocity, gravity, inertia, projectiles
Kepler (b.1571). Developed laws of planetary motion and provided foundations for Newton’s gravity.
Newton (b.1643). Father of mechanics and gravitation. Famous for laws of motion.
Pascal (b.1623). Contributed to the understanding of fluid mechanics and hydraulic principles.
Coriolis (b.1792). Engineer and mathematician who described the effects of motion on rotating bodies.
Joule (b.1784). Physicist who explored the science of motion and went on to developed the basis of kinetic theory.

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