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Kepler Drives & Galileo Control

At the heart of our automation offering are the Kepler drives and the Galileo control consoles. The Galileo console allows fine control over cues across all of our hardware. This console allows cues to be programmed, adjusted and manually fired. One Galileo console is able to control many devices. The Kepler drive translates the input from the console into a control signal that is sent directly to the automation device, effectively ‘driving’ the stage equipment.

The Galileo operator wing also allows the activation of pre-programmed cues and can be used in conjunction with the Galileo control console or as a stand-alone item.

Note that use of the Galileo does require training or the provision of a skilled operator. For firing of limited and pre-programmed cues then a simple button or PLC interface may remove the need for a Galileo console.

Download Galileo Control Console Data Sheet

Download Kepler Drive 7.5kW Data Sheet

Download Kepler Drive 22kW Data Sheet

Download Kepler Drive 30kW Data Sheet

Download Kepler Drive 75kW Data Sheet


Name Galileo Control Console
Length 640mm
Width 455mm
Height 210mm
Packaged Weight 34kg
Power 240V 13A
Name Kepler Drive
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